Griff Arroway 

Griff was born into a middle class family in a middle class town. When Griff was still a child his father played an important but hidden role in a series of mysterious events. His town, unbeknownst to most who lived there, was a meeting place for several rival thief organizations. There was a clash between the organizations, and a secret “war” erupted in the thieves’ underground. Griff was never told what part his father may have played, but his mother, who died 5 years after the wars, explained that his father was an ally to one of the warring factions: He never told her which, for fear for her safety. However, Griff’s father, mother and himself, the only child, were targeted by assassins from one of the factions. His father engineered their escape from their home, but shortly after died under mysterious circumstances. Griff’s mother later died, but due to natural causes. Griff now seeks the truth about his father, and has started a personal war of sorts against thieves of all types. As far as he’s concerned, all thieves are the murders of his family and his youth, and his goal is to trace a line of information back to his father, by interrogating thieves before he disposes of them.

 Although his name is not known to many, there is a story going around about many missing thieves, and an unknown man who’s cunning has dispatched them.

Griff now wanders from place to place, stopping only when he hears rumors that may lead him to another thief lord. With his family dead, and few friends to speak of, he has nothing holding him least yet.


Physical Description:

(In addition to picture.)

 Age: 19

Height: 6’2

Weight: 180 lbs

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Blue

Race: Human


Details on Personality/Abilities

 Griff is by nature a loner, due to his isolation. He fights a personal war of sorts, but deeply believes that his battle with his enemies is one that isn’t just for revenge, but one that will save the lives of others. He has a sense of charm about him, but it’s often disguised by his seriousness in most situations, since most situations he’s involved in are, well, serious. He’s smart, cunning, and blessed with the innate ability to know the minds of others through sheer power of human intuition. (Note: He’s not a mind reader or anything, he just understands what people are thinking without them saying anything.) Because of his knowledge of how humans think, he’s a skilled strategist and a capable leader. However, in close physical combat, he’s not as experienced. He’s a skilled swordsman, and knows a little of many trades, but is a specialist in none. His only fighting experience has been the ambushes he’s laid for thief groups. 


 Griff’s code of morals goes only to the point of not hindering his mission. He won’t kill innocents, and he prefers not to lie or cheat, but if he feels his reason is just, he’ll do it with efficiency and unhesitatingly. Strangely enough, Griff doesn't like to fight. He'll only do it to protect others. Obviously, his assassinations are an exception, but he was driven to that point because of the slaughter of his father: He is out for vengeance, but he won't show it underneath his charming personality.

"Beware the wrath of a patient man..."