"There is no teacher but the enemy." - Mazer Rackham, Ender's Game

     Hey. The name's Griff, but most of the people who know me know me as Swordsman. I have quite a bit to explain to you...

     Basically, I want to start a squad. Not a clan, at least not now. We'd act as a clan, but we wouldn't be a big huge group of people that don't know each other. Rather, I want to have a fairly small group of active players, all of whom specialize in one area of the game and are at least fairly good. This came to mind when I was playing my first few times. There's no organization in team games. So I thought, if I got a few people together to make a team or two that practiced certain tactics and had a few common group leaders, we could go into games together and tear everyone apart. I started forming a few simple ideas, basic things to help the games run smoothly. If you check out the basic tactics part of this site, you  can see what I mean.

     I think we could make a good team if we got people that we knew we could count on, and everyone would need to know each other. We'd be an actual team. That's what I want. I can't make any promises. I want to command it, yes, but I can't promise my orders will always make sense or that we'll even when. I just thought it'd be worth a try. And I think, if everyone helps, we could make one awesome group. At least check out what else I have on here.

    By the way, about the name, I just made that up a minute ago. It can be changed, if we so decide. Oh, and also, if anyone goes with me on this, I fully intend to clean up this site. I'll make buttons for the side bar and stuff.