Ask Jedi Master Yoda

                                   (The Force is his ally.)



       Sometimes, when life just gets too tough to handle, even a hot shot like you is made to ponder the world's secrets. It is at times like these that the low concentration of midichlorians in our bodies remind us that we seek Yoda. And we do, make no mistake. 

      Where the challenge comes in is reaching Yoda's home planet of Dagobah. Well, that's not entirely true. The only real problem with talking to Yoda is that he's dead. Yep, Jedi can die. But he can still appear to the multitudes of us ignorant masses and answer questions, in his ghost-like form.

        Us here have decided to make things easier on you by letting you E-mail master Yoda at his AOL E-mail address, and ask questions, which we will answer and post on the website.



Jaina Solo writes:

Jaina: Dear Master Yoda, is my boyfriend cheating on me? 

Yoda: Through the force, you can see images. But clouded his future is, always in motion the future is, see it clearly I cannot. By the way, did you just get a new job? An acting career?

J: OH MY GOSH! HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT? I just got the offer today and no one but me could know about it!

 See? You can get results like these too. E-mail a question to Me,