(Note: The music that you hear is a composition by a battered husband. It is entitled "The pain we cannot escape," and is about his time with his 5th wife.)

Every year, men are brutally battered by their angry wives. These men are out there suffering, and guess what? America is doing nothing about it. Battered Men Shelters of America is making a start by opening a nationwide chain of shelters for these unfortunate men. Our site is still under construction, but soon you'll be able to get support for your problem, or give it if you don't have one. Just listen to the testimonies of these unfortunate men:

"My wife would come home in a drunken fury and I couldn't stop her. I tried using a crowbar once, but...she just...ripped it from my grasp and beat me down with it! It was terrifying! The unimaginable strength that she was able to summon up...I still have the scars. Physical and emotional."
Richard Massoth - Dentist, Aztec Historian

"Yo, wassup now? Like, werd, my wife used to slap me 'round like I was some girl or somfin. You ba-lee dat? I got sick of it. Done got sick. So I fought back. I don't regret my decision."

Jermaine Foster, Union Correctional Institute Inmate #310094 (Charged with assault)

"Hiss! My wife pummeled the living daylights out of me every time I came home late from a rave, or used her eye shadow, or tried to eat a baby or something..needless to say, I was beaten up alot. I was too embarrassed to tell my ninja brethren about it, so they didn't know, or else they would have assassinated her, but ---MOM! Quiet down! I'm trying to talk to these people! -- Tim "Prince of Sorrow" Johnson