We have recently received several E-mails saying that the only thing our site lacks is gratuitous violence. We deliver. I present to you the Themeless Wonder Battle Arena. Yes, in the spirit of MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch, we take you on an endless quest into the heart of pixelized fighting. We found the best fighting games money can buy, and basically butchered them into something strange enough for Themeless Wonder audiences.


The matches we've currently got are below. Wanna see a rematch of one? E-mail Chris and Dan.

Chris vs. Dan - The Epic Struggle Between Good and Evil Continues


"Huh? You think you can take me, big man? Yeah, well I'm rubber, you're glue. What? Get lost!....Make you? I don't make trash, I burn it. Heh heh heh..." 

- Chris

Yes, for the sake of the public, Chris and Dan, the Themeless Wonder webmasters and creators, went into the arena. Read the saga of friendship and betrayal, and see shots from the grueling rooftop battle! 

              Pretty Fighter. Prepare to get the hurt on.             

  Pretty Fighter

"You broke my nail. You'll die slowly." - Kurisu

Japansese High School girls duke it out in the ultimate cat fight. Read about it here!



"Towards the future." - Ultraman Title Screen

Ultraman battles the forces of evil in his darkest encounter with villainous aliens.