The Girls of High School - A Lesson in Pain

The Story:

Kurisu and Jyuri were friends at the same high school. They liked all the things normal girls their age did - Hanging at the mall, failing basic math classes, shopping, failing basic grammar classes, and boys. Despite their bad grades, both of them had jobs. Kurisu was an intern at the local hospital. Her superiors claimed that she was a joy to have around because she was always smiling, and always made the patients happy. Jyuri was an aspiring fashion model. Both were very happy, until something came between them. And that was Yoshi. Yoshi was a popular young man. He was captain of the baseball team, and president of several clubs. Both Kurisu and Jyuri had crushes on him, and both thought that Yoshi had similar feelings for them.

One day, Kurisu was at the hospital, assisting a surgeon perform a very difficult surgery. Right when she was about to go get an extra packet of type O blood to help the patient stop his internal bleeding, her beeper went off. She walked out of the room, excusing herself, and pulled her neon-pink cellular phone from her white coat pocket. "Hello?" she answered.

"OH MY GOSH! You will not BELIEVE what I just heard."

"What is it, Muriso?" Muriso was a friend of Kurisu's.

"Can you believe it? Jyuri got a date with Yoshi!"

"No way!" She screamed, startling several patients. "She knew he liked me! How dare her!" At that very moment, Kurisu decided to go and show Jyuri a thing or two. She remembered it was Monday, the day that most of the trauma patients came into the hospital. That meant that Jyuri would be modeling at one of the local disco clubs. She took off running for the club.

    Jyuri, you traitor! You knew Yoshi was going to ask me out, and you stole him from me!


   Is that what you think? You're just jealous of Yoshi and me! You're jealous of our happiness! He said he promises he'll love me at least until next Tuesday! That's the longest I've ever gone out with anyone!

   That's it! I'm taking you down!


The Fight:

Kurisu and Jyuri's cat like reflexes kicked in, and a slapping fight the likes of which the world had never seen broke out. The people who had come to watch Jyuri and the other runway models broke into a frenzied state of excitement. Thousands of cameras went of at once.




Kurisu lifted Jyuri off the ground, and bodyslammed her, causing Jyuri's hair to get out of place. Jyuri, filled with utter rage, charged at Kurisu.





She grabbed Kurisu by the hair and threw her against the wall. Again the spectators erupted in applause.




Jyuri, satisfied that she'd thoroughly beaten Kurisu, put her hair back in place and posed for the cameras. Kurisu was completely KO'ed. Then, suddenly, Jyuri heard a familiar voice. The voice was Muriso's. "You're going down for what you did to Kuriso!" she yelled, running onto the runway. The crowd went wild, and people starting frantically making bets.



The moment Muriso stepped onto the runway, she kicked Jyuri. Jyuri screamed with agony as the realization that her makeup had been smudged hit her. She did not realize, however, that Muriso had yet to do her worst.




   Muriso let out a flurry of attacks, crippling Jyuri by making her expensive earring fall to the floor. Jyuri shrieked, and bent over to pick them up, just in time for Muriso to kick her hard once more.




Muriso had avenged the defeat of Kurisu, and as a final parting blow, Muriso bent over Jyuri, and ruthlessly smudged her mascara.