Ultraman - In the Ultra Battle

The Story:

Ultraman, defender of the galaxy. He is suspected of being a secret 6th power ranger (he just works solo.) Ultraman uses his ultra powers of jumping and kicking to destroy the denizens of evil, and his battle with the alien creature known as Gudis is no exception.

Ultraman's only true power besides the ability to shoot lasers out of his hands his his power of jumping really high. (This was the power that made him famous in the NBA.) On one fated day, during a routine patrol of the planet Yuxog, Ultraman used his super-jump power to get an aerial view of the land below, when suddenly, he was shot down in midair. 



 Once Ultraman recovered from the blow of his fall, he realized what true danger he was in. Standing before him was the gigantic monster Gudis. Ultraman was forced to fight for his life.




The Fight:

The enemies faced off, trying to anticipate each other's moves. Ultraman was at first greatly intimidated by the daunting size of Gudis, then but realized with relief that he himself was 8 stories tall.




Ultraman immediately used his super-jumping and karate chopping ability to try and finish Gudis right off the bat, but when he landed in front of Gudis and his hand came down on the "forehead" of Gudis, rather than Gudis immediately exploding with a flash of gore, like his usual enemies, Ultra's hand made a loud cracking sound, and lost all feeling.



Ultra launched himself into a back handspring, to avoid the attacking Gudis. Gudis surged forward, dragging his slimy body behind him and bubbling green ooze menacingly. Ultra wondered for a split second why the intelligent life he found on other planets was always over 250 feet tall, had exposed internal organs as well as tentacles, and was extremely hostile. His thoughts were interrupted as he realized he stopped his flip halfway through and landed on his face.


Gudis immediately took advantage of Ultraman's situation, using his tentacles to bore into Ultraman's head and suck his brains out.