Well, obviously, the purpose of this is page is for it to be my resignation. I didn't just send a big E-mail, because I figured there might be people who'd want to read this whose names I would forget on my mailing list. But I suppose that doesn't matter anyways now, does it? This is what I'm going to do - I'll basically trace my participation in the game from when I first got it until now, and at the end, I'll tell you why I'm leaving and my final advice to FORCE.

It started when I first started playing Jedi Knight. Well, some of you might know Palidor Durron (SN Protocal18) and Zev Dengar (SN Voodiva.) We all got our starts together, because they lived on my street. Well, Zev still does, but Palidor moved away. After I got the game, Palidor did, and Zev used my first disk to play, so that the three of us could play. It wasn't too long after that when we discovered the Jedi Knight chat room on AOL.

I was horrible, pure and simple. At the time I was using the name Crusader, unaware in my newbieness that DThrawn was already called that. I remember getting pounded by Canomous and him thinking it was Thrawn. Man, I caught some heat for that. I didn't know any better though. 

Before I even got any good, I wanted to start a clan. I tried it.

Heh, Travelers of the Force. Don't know where I got the idea for a name like that. And when WampaFreak made my graphic he spelled Travelers wrong. Ha, I didn't even notice that until now. That's an embarrassment. TotF had 4 members. Myself, Zev, Palidor, and Vortex.

After about a week, that got old. Well, Vortex left us, and so it was just the three of us again. That's when I met Cay-Qel Droma. 

I played with Cay a few times, he was much better than I was and he showed me a few things. I wasn't quite as bad as when I started, but I still wasn't very good. At the time, some guy was going into JK games with the name "Unknown" and basically trying to make FORCE look bad. I didn't even know FORCE existed, but Cay was going to play the guy, and so I went to help. 

Turns out, the guy never showed. But after that, Cay invited myself, Palidor, and Zev to join FORCE. I might point out, by the way, that none of us were going by Palidor, Griff, or Zev at the time. I'd switched to Neo Crusader in reluctance to losing my name, Zev was just playing as Voodiva, and I can't remember who Palidor was back then. Anyways, we joined up with FORCE.

Right about now, things were heating up with MoD. I'm glad MoD was around, because there's always got to be a good bad guy, and YB was like non-existant and DK was falling apart, or so it seemed. Anyways, I thought up a good idea that would help us get the edge on MoD, and, still basking in newbiant radiance, talked to Ulic-Qel Droma about it. At the time, Ulic was the "Dark Master" and Cay was the "Light Master." Ulic was the leader. When I told Ulic about the plan, we got to talking, and he offered me the position of General, the 3rd highest. There was no General, so I guess they were looking for someone to fill the spot. Above me were the Elders, and then Cay and Ulic. 

I later found that my job as General was to recruit and do odd jobs, basically. I kept up mailing list stuff, assisted Cay and Ulic in making decisions, etc. I was really excited with everything, and since I'd been promoted in 2 weeks, I thought I'd better do well. I did some serious recruiting, because at the time, FORCE frankly wasn't in that good shape. At least as far as I can tell, because I only knew of one other active members besides myself and Palidor and Zev and Ulic and Cay, and that was Cah, who, at the time, I didn't trust or really like too much, because I knew he was in quite a few clans, and I didn't trust him not to spy on us. In fact, I tried to get him kicked once when I heard there was a spy in FORCE. Anyways, about the recruiting...I recruited about 15 people over the next 2 weeks or so, doubling the roster and giving us a firm base to grow from, or so I hoped. After that Ulic did a roll call, and about 2/3 of the old guys were taken off the roster. Because of my recruiting, I was given a FORCE Medal of Honor. Now that I'm looking back on things, I wish it was something that I had kept up with after I was leader, because it could've been really good to honor people for doing good things besides with rank. 

I was steadily reaching my peak as a player. I didn't lose too often now, I could hold my own with Cay sometimes, although I know he went easy on me alot. Every once in a while I could show up Ulic a little, but that was maybe once out of every 300 games.. 

Then, Ulic left. He had other stuff going on, so he couldn't keep up with the clan. Cay was offered the position of leader, obviously, but he too declined, which was probably good since he's pretty quiet usually and a few of the new recruits apparently took that as a sign that he didn't like them, whereas having recruited most of the clan, I was fairly well liked. 

Cay refused the offer, instead suggesting I take leadership. I did accept the position, and I ushered it in with a letter that I thought ought to affirm my leadership fairly well. In fact, I recently found the message somewhere in my personal filing cabinet. For nostalgia's sake, I'll put it here:

Greetings, Jedi. I come before you to make an announcement. Ulic has left the world of JK, as some of you may know. He has offered the position of leading to Cay, but however he has too much on his hands to lead. Therefore, I am the new leader of FORCE. Everyone that this is being sent to should know this. I plan to make some changes, but I want the input of you guys (Yes, this does include our allies that this is being sent to.) 

1. I plan to re-adjust the ranks. I want more detailed jobs. i.e., an intelligence branch, maybe a sniper unit, etc. Send me some ideas. 

2. I excpect everyone that's not going to participate to tell me, so I can take you off the roster. I would much rather have a group of 10 people that show up at events than a group of 90 that don't.

3. I want to change the meetings to once a week, and find some other way to have them than mIRC. 

Heh, it's kind of funny to look at that and then look at FORCE now. How well did I do? The only people that read that message that are still in FORCE are Cah and Gamegod. Jude was around then, but since he left a while back he doesn't count. Anyways, after that, the challenges didn't stop, and being a leader was harder than ever. I'd been playing for a few months, and almost no one thought I was fit to lead a clan so prostigious as FORCE. Most people thought that JediSkills would be dissapointed, but I didn't know what else to do. I kinda tried to make sure Al and Kahless (at the time the leaders of VSS and LojK) knew who I was in case anything got shaky.

With Zev, Palidor, and Gamegod as my right hand men, I tried to lead FORCE. Soon, Cay became active again and I asked him if he'd like to lead FORCE as partners.

For a long time, that's what we did. Nothing incredibly major to speak of happened that I can remember in the next while, things slowed down drastically and I just spent time trying to organize the clan how I wanted it and keep on top of everything.

When school started back that year, instantly everything stopped. After school started, the AOL JK room was empty for a long time. It stayed empty, 'cept for a period where for a week or so it looked like AOL JK would make a revival. We tried to switch to the Zone and failed. Cay left, Ulic returned, and Ulic and I led together. He left again, leaving Jude Briggs in his place. Later, Jude left, giving his position to Cah. I didn't have any doubts about Cah anymore, except perhaps his leadership ability. He'd show great enthusiasm for the clan, probably more than I had, but I didn't know if he could be serious. Well, luckily, I had nothing to fear. Cah has been my favorite of the people I've worked with. It's kind of strange though, after I made Cay a partner, which I thought he deserved, I never got to lead FORCE alone. I don't really mind, but some people try and make it sound like I didn't think I could do it on my own. Let it be known now that that was never the case.

I got the XvT squad up and running too, basically just by passing the buck on to Hawk Kildon, who did some amazing stuff. Ulic always wanted an XvT squad, and ours was pretty lame, but still, it was existant.

The lull in JK was horrible. I gave up on it, and cared so little about FORCE and JK that I was too lazy to even send in my resignation, which I already had begun work on. Fess managed to keep me there a little longer when he told me if I left he would. I'm sure he didn't know that's why I stayed around, but I figured it was a waste of a ton of talent if he left.

There's a reason, by the way, that I'm not mentioning much about the members of FORCE. Obviously there are some big names in FORCE now, but if I told about all of them joining, I'd be typing for days.

One day, I decided to write a letter, and it got a few people to play a little more. After that, we tried to move to the Zone again, and this time it worked.

Now, again, things are looking bad in the JK community. I can only assume that things'll get real exciting again, like it has every other time. But if it does, I most likely won't be around to see it. I don't want my leaving FORCE to be a harbinger of the end of JK, because it's not. It's not like I held FORCE together, you all did. So don't break up over this or anything. I'll still be around, just won't be playing any JK. I'll check up on the site and the message board from time to time probably, most likely post a little, but I don't want to recieve any more mail unless it's because one of the officers needs my advice or something. Cah, I'm sorry to dump all this on your shoulders, but if anyone can handle it, you can.

I can't say I'll be gone permanently. I'm pretty sure I will be, but if Dark Forces 3 comes out and it's decent, I may just come back.

At this point, all I can do is hope I've done my part in carrying on the legacy of FORCE. Thanks for everything, I actually learned alot from being in FORCE. Kind of funny, learning life lessons from a game, but it's true.

As my last order as a commander of FORCE, I'm telling you to listen to Jask. It's going to be tough for him to keep this clan alive and get it active, but I think he can do it. He's got a ton of people in the clan that can help him. If he schedules a meeting, you'd better be there. If he holds a practice, go.

Remember FORCE, one man can't do much. But as a group, you can overcome the greatest of odds.

Farewell, and for the last time, may the FORCE be with you.

--Griff Arroway