The Instruction of Plahhotep

The following is simply some excerpts from the instructions of the vizier Plahhotep that show political or religious influence.

Excerpt 1:

If you become a leader, be pleased when you hear the speech of a petitioner.
Do not rebuff him before his belly is cleansed of what he planned to say to you.
A victim of wrong desires venting his feelings more than accomplishing what he came for.
As for one who lets petitions be rebuffed (without a fair hearing), one will say: "Why is it rejected?"
Never will all that is petitioned for come to pass,
(but) a good hearing is a soothing of the heart.

Excerpt 2:

May this servant be commanded to make a 'Staff of old age' (mjw: an heir),

That I may say to him the words of the judges,

the counsel of those from ancient times, heard from the gods.

That the like may be done for you: May troubles be removed from the People,
and the Two Shores serve you.
Thus says the majesty of this god:
Teach him what was uttered formerly,
Then he can set a good example for the Children of the Nobles.