1. Q: Are sea monkeys REALLY alive? I mean, come on! I know! Are they like those little sponge things  that you put in the water and they get bigger? You know, the dinosaurs? Those are really neat.

   A: Yes, of course they're really alive. They're brine shrimp. Not only that, they can do flips and such in the water, and you can even train them to perform basic arithmetic!

2. Q: Is this all a joke? Are sea monkeys real?

    A: No, this isn't a joke - they're REAL!

3. Q: Can sea monkeys be trained to say....perform surgery? Or program computers?

    A: Ha ha, of course! Your imagination is the limit! Try training them to use advanced cloning techniques to make even more of themselves! Soon you'll be buying more tanks! (wink!)

4. Q: Can you please tell me some other interesting things about sea monkeys?

    A: Of course! Did you know sea monkeys went into space with John Glenn in '98? They were part of an experiment to see what conditions they could live under. (This is true. The best part is that a 7th grader came up with the idea.) Seamonkey.com says:

The space-travelling eggs withstood many dramatic environmental changes and physical forces including weightlessness, exposure to radiation, 3 G's of gravitational force during reentry, and temperature fluctuations equal to many trips between an oven and freezer!

To date, the Sea-Monkey eggs that hatched eight weeks after their return have shown no significant differences from their earthbound counterparts! After nine days in space and about 3.6 million miles of travel, the conclusion is: Sea-Monkeys have "the right stuff." 

5. Q: Ok, I'm convinced! I want to raise some sea monkeys! Where can I get some?

    A: Good question. Probably off of E-bay though!

Enjoy your sea monkeys!