Yeah, well, as it turns out, there are more pictures than I originally thought, so I’m going to be super cool and toss some them into sections, because it takes about 30 seconds to do.


Random Picture Time at McCallie

Random Picture Time Around Chattavegas


Except for random picture time around our lovely (if chaotic) home, that is. Those are right here:

If I’m not mistaken, Ashley took this surprise Erica picture, and extreme violence erupted mere minutes later.


My little cousin Deja, who is occasionally a fixture at our house for long periods of time. Aside from having the most notable name of anyone who’s ever dwelled in our home for more than a day, she’s also photographed at an insane rate. I think Erica and Ashley have loaded my computer with more pictures of her than anything else.



One day, I wore the Gary shirt, primarily for the nostalgia factor. Apparently, visual evidence was deemed necessary.


Dan and Andy. The jacket Andy is wearing is one of my 50 cent Goodwill jackets, and has played a vital role in making Anderson Laird famous all over the country.


Ashley and friend (now non-friend) Kristen, amusing themselves with the camera.