Group Structure


     I assume at some point it'll be necessary to assign ranks. At this time, I don't want to do that. However, I intend to appoint a second-in-command if this gets up and running. The only reason for this page is so that I can tell you what kind of people I'm hoping to get in here.

     Assault Specialists:

     One heavy weapons person - I mean as in M-16's and shotguns.

     Two regular assault people.

     One assault specialist who's an expert in stealth.


     I need one who can handle a 50 cal gun.

     And one more, maybe two regular snipers. I myself am a sniper.

     Also, snipers better be good with pistols, for close quarters combat.


     I know of maybe one in existence, but to have a recon person might come in handy. He/She'd need to be able to shoot well too though.


     I want one demolitionist. A good one, preferably. The kind that can blow someone up with a door charge. (It can be done, I've seen it.)

    --We don't need electronics people for anything. That makes around 8 people for a the squadron. Everyone would need to be good with regular assault techniques as well as their specialty, because obviously we can't have a recon person doing recon all the time.