Level Specific Strategy

    Frankly, I'm still unsure about alot of this. I need more time to analyze all the possible strategies for each level. However, I've got a few ideas for some of the more common ones.


     Not really my personal favorite, but still played very often. This one's tough to have alot of group maneuvers, since it's basically just run and shoot, but since it's run and shoot, you can gain a major advantage over your opponent by simply getting behind them. If we refer to the sides the team start on as sides A and B, and the part in the middle as "no man's land", it'll make things a bit easier.

      The tendency of players in the bunkers is to find a place to hide and wait for the other team to come into the open. Well, the smartest thing I can think to do is give them what they want..The majority of the players duck in and out of cover, not taking any major risks of getting shot, but keeping the attention of the enemies focused forward at all times. Perhaps some of the players can move down into the fringes of no man's land and the enemy will try and flush them out.

     While this is going on, a team of two, three, or maybe just one can run up the side of the level, duck behind that big boulder on the way, and press up against the side of one of the pillbox they'd come to, like so:

        Then, they go into the enemy's trenches, and hit them all from behind as they shoot at the others.

        It makes things infinitely easier if the enemy doesn't get through no man's land alive, and in many cases, they'll try and run up the side just as I suggested. This brings out a second option: To advance everyone. Now, this is hard to do, because it means most everyone will need to do it in sync, so that the advancing line isn't curved. It's not a big deal unless the group is small, but I can explain why it matters: A curve makes a line longer, right? Well that means if you can't get any more good guys on that line, everyone spreads out. So if everyone advances at different times, it can give the enemy an opportunity to divide and conquer.

      I haven't thought of any other stuff for other levels yet, but I'll work on it.