The one thing I've noticed when playing team games in Rogue Spear is the apparent lack of teamwork in most groups. Even when there is teamwork, there is no organization to it. I thought, if a group could be assembled in which each member knew ahead of time what each other member would do, that team would dominate every game it played in. And so, I thought up a few things that would help this to happen.

     First of all, the team is to move slow. No one in the squadron is to move until the leader does, and then they are to follow alongside him. It is necessary for the whole team to move fairly slow, so that everyone can keep up. The people in the front and the rear should always be assault specialists, and the person in the rear should watch the backs of everyone else. The squadron leader should not be the only person in front. They're too valuable to lose in a game when they need to give orders.

    The basic idea is to move as a unit, and attack as one, systematically eliminating enemies until there are none left. It's alot easier to take someone down when you fire at him from multiple points. That way, the target won't be able to return fire on everyone, and may hesitate before firing at someone. This doesn't mean stay in different part of the level, however, this simply means to spread out slightly. Not too much so that you can't cover each other, but not so close so that one frag can kill you all.

    Also, it's a fairly well known piece of information: When you aim, shoot for around the enemy's waist. The head is too hard to hit, and they have body armor everywhere except around the waist area.

    Of course, this is all when the groups are small, and moving as one unit would be sensible. Alot of the time, that won't happen. Therefore, the commander will give the order to split up, and since if you're this far you're a competent soldier, if not above average, then you won't be given detailed instructions, most likely. Rather, you'll be given an objective. To clear a certain area, for instance. 

     One last thing, if you read any of the strategy I've put on this site, you should read it all. I promise it'll make it a ton easier to understand. And I know some of this basic stuff is obvious, but the tricky stuff will come later.

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