Backyard Wrestling

Most of us have watched homemade tapes of misguided young people throwing each other off from high places in funny costumes. But do you truly understand the phenomenon that is sweeping sub-rural communities everywhere? - Chris


The Super Robot Spaceship Hardcore Wrestling Federation


Freestyle Walking

There was a time when hurting yourself was only fun when you did it on a skateboard or in a car. Since our generation is into breaking tradition and calling things cool when they're really nothing special, we've souped up walking to include pain, and pretended we like it to impress girls. - Chris


FSW - Skating Without a Board



The only real point of playing Chairball is to splatter the concrete with the blood of your opponents. I wanted to go ahead and get that out in the open from the beginning, because I want to leave you with no illusions. Chairball isnít a game for the weak-stomached. - Chris

ChairBall - Wrestling With a Ball