Tee-Hee! ^_^ I'm a sea monkey!!

    The first question that comes to one's mind when you first hear about sea monkeys is "What are they?" Sadly, Webster's Dictionary doesn't contain the word "sea monkey," nor do any encyclopedias that I have ever read. This unforgivable lack of data on the infamous sea monkey is truly unfortunate, because they are among the "most dynamic pets in the world."

      My first and only time ever encountering sea monkeys was when my friend, Todd, bought a tank. His tank was identical to the one in the above diagram containing the blue arrow, which helpfully obliterates any misconceptions as to whether or not the sea monkeys actually reside in the tank. Todd bought his sea monkey tank for seven dollars, and although I told him I'd buy a tank if he did, I never did. As soon as Todd saw the sea monkeys he know he had to own them, but he was short on money. I suggested stealing from his grandmother, and he laughed at me. 

       An hour later, Todd was seven dollars richer, and his grandmother seven dollars poorer. Remember kids: Learning about science through playing with life in a toy-like fashion should always take priority over the well-being of the elderly.

       The sea monkey kit contained one tank, some "water-purifier," the eggs, some sea monkey food, and a helpful instruction booklet. I was the only one who read the instruction book, but not because I cared whether or not we did anything right: I just never realized that there were English-speaking human beings that actually sat down to write such hilarity. It was entitled "Raising Pet Sea Monkeys Is Fun," and was clearly written as a serious handbook. The seriousness of the book was lost in the first paragraph though, when the book states "Sea Monkeys are some of the most popular and dynamic pets in the world, and are proof of the genius of mother nature." After the part about mother nature, it goes on to helpfully explain that "Sea Monkeys are a hybrid form of brine shrimp created in a laboratory by crossing regular brine shrimp with monkey DNA. The result is amazing: brine shrimp that are even smaller than normal!" Actually though, sea monkeys grow to around 3/4 of an inch, unless you use one of the several "expansion kits" that can make your sea monkeys even bigger. And that's what we want, to spawn the largest unholy shrimp hybrids that we can possibly create. I'm documenting our journey through the miracle of life, so you don't make the same mistakes we made....To make a long story short, Todd's cat knocked the tank over, spilling the utopian brine society onto the carpet. We pummeled that cat real good, though.

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